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Real Jackalope taxidermy mount: rabbit head with horns for alternative home decor #8

Real Jackalope taxidermy mount: rabbit head with horns for alternative home decor #8

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Beautiful and professionally done, the jackalope is the cutest taxidermy mounted animal. Jackalope is a mythical cryptid creature: it's a hare with deer antlers or other animal horns, which come from different tales and myths around the world.

Cryptozoology is the science of mythical animals. Those jackalopes are also known under those names: Wolpertinger, Lepus cornutus, Skvader or Rasselbock.

The usual robe color is brown, grey and orange.

The head is set on an oval wood shield 16 cm width x 20 cm height which can be hung to the wall to a nail, screw or hook. The antlers are approx. 12 cm long or more. From the top of the ears to the bottom of the chest, the height is approx. 40 cm.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you want more pictures or want to see models not listed.

🎥 Note: the video is just an example of a jackalope, not the one in this listing.

🚚 Shipping price is due to the heavy protection and size of the parcel to ensure your jackalope arrives in perfect condition!

📜 For overseas purchases: make sure you know your country/state law before ordering. Shipping to Australia/New Zealand is not possible. Any purchase implies that you have read my shop's terms and conditions.

🐰 Note: Jackalope mounts shouldn't be exposed long term in direct sunlight or humid area, close to other pets or children.

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