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Black skull painted with gold swirls and dotwork ornaments

Black skull painted with gold swirls and dotwork ornaments

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This real roe deer skull is painted in black and decorated with gold arabesque, swirls, dotwork and other floral patterns for a gothic alternative home decor. The embellishemnt and golden ornamentation may vary from a model to another, making them fully unique and handcrafted. The antlers are also painted in black and gold.

This is a unique gift that can perfectly fit a gothic home or another type of alternative home decor.


🏠 How to display your skull:
- Hang the skull on a wall to create a striking focal point. You can use a picture hook or a wall mount to attach it securely.
- Bookshelf decor: Place the skull on a bookshelf or a display cabinet surrounded by other curiosities and oddities to create a quirky and unique display.
- Mantelpiece centerpiece: place the skull in the center of a mantelpiece or a coffee table, surrounded by candles, books, or other decorative items to create a dramatic display.
- Boho wall collage: create a boho-inspired wall collage by combining the skull with other natural and organic elements such as macrame, woven baskets, and dried flowers.
- Terrarium centerpiece: Place the skull in a glass terrarium or a cloche along with moss, succulents, or air plants to create a unique and intriguing centerpiece.

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  • Made to order

    This original piece has been sold, but can be replicated for you. The size of the skull, the antlers' shape, and the way the piece is decorated can vary slightly as each piece is fully handcrafted and made to be unique.

  • More questions?

    You can check this FAQ or reach out directly to me if you need further help before ordering :)


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