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Mini antler wands with crystals and stones

Mini antler wands with crystals and stones

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Mini witch magic wand from roe deer, paired with crystal or stones. Each wand is described below. They are perfect for travel altar, mini altar and to fit in your purse or pocket! Wands measure approximately 12-15 cm (4.5-6in) and have been crafted and charged by myself. Those are beautiful magic tools that make perfect, powerful additions to your magical collection or will find a place in your altar kit.

1: cherry quartz crystal 
2: smoked quartz crystal 
3: amethyst 
4: rose quartz 
5: black tektite
6: 3 smoked quartz crystals 
7: quartz crystal
8: black tektite
9: black tourmaline
10: black tektite
11: cherry quartz 
12: clear amethyst
13: amethyst and quartz crystal 
14: quartz crystal
15: amethyst, citrine and quartz crystals 
16: amethyst and 2 quartz crystals 

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  • How to use a witch wand?

    Wands can be used to focus energy, clear energy or awaken other magical tools. These handcrafted pieces are meant to be handed down through generations or passed within ceremonies. For magical purposes, antler, horn, tusk, and bone are all related materials.

  • More questions?

    You can check this FAQ or reach out directly to me if you need further help before ordering :)