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Magic witch wands from real deer antlers with crystal, feathers, moss, for magical witchy rituals or altar tool

Magic witch wands from real deer antlers with crystal, feathers, moss, for magical witchy rituals or altar tool

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Enchantment awaits with those unique and beautiful antler wands perfect for any witch altar decor. These handcrafted magical tools are made from the antler of a roe deer, carefully chosen for its unique shape, then handcrafted with taste and attention to detail. Each wand is lovingly adorned with a natural crystal and intricate design, making it a truly special piece which is bound to find his soul.

This addition to your altar is a powerful one - perfect for any witch looking to add a touch of something special to their altar. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced witch, use this wand to help further your magical practice. Embrace the enchantment that comes with working with antlers and crystal - it has long been used for its powerful energies and connection to the elements, the earth and forest. A wand also serves as a reminder of the wonders of nature. Handcrafted with love and an eye for detail, this is sure to be a much-cherished and appreciated item in your magical collection. Each wand is fully handmade, handcrafted and crystal are charged with clean energy!

Average size: 15cm / 6in (see video)

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🧙 Roe deer antlers represent the spirit of the animal and the larger forces of Nature. Its masculine energy is solar, representing Fire and Earth. It symbolizes protection, nobility, wisdom and the cycle of death and rebirth, as antlers shed and grow back. Feel the power awaiting your hands with these wands and connect with your innate magic to reconnect with Nature and your instinctive and intuitive self. These pieces are not only a beautiful object but also a rite of passage, meant to be passed down through generations or gifted during special ceremonies. Behold the ancient energies of the Roe deer antler in this handcrafted magical wand, and let its power magnify your own. This is the perfect tool to ignite, discover, and activate your inner magic – seize the opportunity and let your spiritual journey begin!

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