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Decorated real skull: A Gothic Winter Wonderland Diorama

Decorated real skull: A Gothic Winter Wonderland Diorama

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This diorama skull is a completely handmade and crafted art piece created on a real roe deer skull, embellished in a winter woodland style. The skull is painted in shades of blue and adorned with various elements to create the appearance of a winter forest overgrowth, complete with a white blanket of snow. You will see trees, moss and twigs and maybe some little bones buried in this beautiful winter magic forest. Every angle of this piece is full of intricate details, inviting you to explore and uncover more with each look.

This decorated skull comes from a real skull and its one-of-a-kind winter woodland theme, also seen as a gothic winter wonderland theme, is perfect for dark nature-inspired home decor.

Experience the enchantment of winter with this unique art piece. Imagine yourself transported to a serene winter wonderland with a forest full of secrets waiting to be discovered. This diorama skull will bring a sense of wonder and magic to any space, captivating both you and your guests.

🏠 How to display your diorama skull:
- You can display this piece amongst lush green plants, vintage artifacts, and rustic wooden accents. Use a wooden pedestal or place it on a tree stump to bring a touch of the forest into your home. The combination of this animal skull and natural elements will transport you to a serene woodland retreat and create a beautiful, nature-inspired display in your home.
- You can also place it on a shelf alongside potted plants and antique books, or on a mantel surrounded by vintage vases and candles.
- To bring it to the next level, display it on a Mother Nature altar or incorporate it into your winter decor. Uncover the secrets of this diorama skull and transport yourself to a magical forest full of wonder.

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  • Made to order

    This original piece has been sold, but can be replicated for you. The size of the skull, the antlers' shape, and the way the piece is decorated can vary slightly as each piece is fully handcrafted and made to be unique.

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    You can check this FAQ or reach out directly to me if you need further help before ordering :)