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Glass vials with bones and teeth

Glass vials with bones and teeth

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Large selection of curiosities and oddities in a glass jar for curiosity cabinet or altar decor. Each vial is closed with a cork lid and contain bones, teeth, real forest moss and/or smoked quartz crystals. Bones are from deer foot and teeth from fox (fangs), badger, pigs. The smallest glass vials can be mounted on a black cord necklace. Jars can be open and you can take the content out, except for the small glass bottles (tiny, mini) and for the bigger bones they might not come out.

Those are perfect gifts for curiosity cabinet, collector, altar decor, witch or gothic style. Also idea for stocking fillers! Provided with a jewelry bag and shipped in a padded envelope (except for Large and XL which are sent in a box).


📏 Tiny: 22-25 mm
📏 Mini: 35 mm
📏 Small: 45-55 mm
📏 Medium: 65-70 mm
📏 Large: 110 mm
📏 XL Square 45x65 mm

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