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Glass jar with tiny bones earrings

Glass jar with tiny bones earrings

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Cute little bottle with cork lid filled with animal bones (mouse, birds bones). This little glass vial of curiosities and oddities is mounted with a little gold connector for a cute witch or gothic look. Matching necklace with a black cord available as well for a lovely jewelry set. Something special to look unique!

I take pride in making bone jewelry and bone earrings which is wearable for a sophisticated look or for the everyday. Taxidermy jewelry allows you to wear curiosities and oddities as statement pieces for your look. They are perfect for witch or gothic styles, for gifts, memento mori jewelry or mourning jewelry.

They are suitable for stretched ears and gauged ear, but can be also fitted with a simple ear wire for normal and non-stretched earlobe.

👂 Ear attachments possible:

1: Standard ear wire
2: Closing earring hooks (length varies between 20-40mm), I always pick the best looking with each earring
3: Earring hooks (suitable for stretched ears)
4: Small hook (gauge: 8 mm)
5: Thick hook (gauge: 8 mm)
6: Spiral (gauge: 8 mm)

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  • Bone jewelry information

    • Bones cleaned and whitened
    • Bones, stones and crystals are not always identical, for this reason earring may have a tiny difference in length/shape
    • Imperfections naturally occurs in bones, stones and crystal.
    • Ear weights should not be used to stretch your lobes.
    • Earrings always sold in a pair.