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Cheap and craft roe deer skulls for art, gift, collection

Cheap and craft roe deer skulls for art, gift, collection

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Those roe deer skulls have specific types of antlers or anomalies and/or little defects.

They will be clean and prepared before being sent, but some organic remains might persist, they are not in "perfect condition" but are still great to own.

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Available: 2,3,4

2: great condition, all teeth, slightly asymmetrical antlers, vintage bone color
3: great condition, all teeth, asymmetrical antlers, bone color grey, yellow
4: great condition, all teeth, slightly asymmetrical smooth antlers, bone color white yellow, crack on the right side undersnearth orbite, traces of glue inside nose

Defects can include:

- vintage bone (yellow or grey, brittle)
- missing teeth or tooth disease
- asymmetrical, straight, small or bend antler, etc.
- small cracks or holes on the skull
- stains, traces of glue
- traces of bone disease
- organic remains*
- missing bone noses
- damaged, marks, cracks

• Organic remains means: even though we've cleaned the skull, some residue such as dry joint might persist on the inside, holes or back of the skull.

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  • In short:

    • Great to be painted or used as props
    • Possible defects, stains, cracks, etc.
    • Ready to ship
    No exchange/refund on those skulls.

  • Dimensions (average)

    Young/Adult skull:
    • Height: 16cm /22cm
    • Width: 6cm / 11cm
    • Depth: 22cm / 30cm

  • More questions?

    You can check this FAQ or reach out directly to me if you need further help before ordering :)


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