General information and FAQ

Decorated skulls and bone art

  • Each piece is fully handcrafted by myself

  • Each piece is cleaned thoroughly before being decorated. Please keep in mind that these are real skulls and come with their own unique blemishes and some little organic residues might persist.

  • Colors may vary depending on your screen adjustment.

  • Nose bones might be reinforced with transparent glue if needed

  • When attaching the pedestal, do not screw it in too tightly (breakage might happen)

  • Please review shop policies before making a purchase

  • If you do not see your country listed during payment, please reach out

Custom designs

I'm always open for custom orders and in fact, that's what I like to do most! Custom orders allow you to have a fully personalized experience and handcrafted piece. For each order, you can choose your own skulls and I will also submit you ideas, concepts or sketches with which you can get an idea of how your piece will look like. I also purchase special supplies and always go the extra step to make you something unique and special that matches perfectly your idea, project or theme. Don't hesitate to reach out by DM if you have any idea or project you would like to discuss!
Please check the Contact page.

Legislation regarding animal part and bones

Animal bones and skulls are subject to very specific rules and legal requirements depending on each country. Please check before ordering as it can affect the delivery times, custom inspection, and taxes of import.

Animal ethics statement

All skulls are ethically sourced. No animals have been killed by me or by others for the purpose of my art. They either died from natural captive deaths, natural wild deaths, sustainably farmed, by-product of culling or animals involved in road traffic accidents or food chain kills.


Import of taxidermy: know you law

Animal bones, skulls, antlers and taxidermy items are subject to very specific rules and legal requirements depending on where you live. The buyer is responsible to know his/her state, country and regional law. You must know beforehand if you need a permit and if you're legally allowed to import a product. Importing taxidermy affects the delivery times, custom inspections, and taxes of import. All further expenses incurred as a result of a returned item due to any of the reasons above and/or lack of import permit are solely the responsibility of the buyer.


Shipping, return, damage

Please check this page.

 Ear weights 

  • No return or exchange due to hygiene reasons.

  • Colors may vary according to your screen adjustment.

  • Stones are irregular and not always looking the exact same from a model to another.

  • For the reason above, matching pairs in each set might look different