Gothic wedding centerpieces & guest gifts

If you're planning a gothic wedding or an alternative wedding and looking for fully unique decor and gifts for your guest, you're arrived at the right place.

My skulls pieces are fully unique and handcrafted, and are often made with the purpose of being stunning table centerpieces for special weddings.

All my current pieces can be used for your wall or table decor and can be customized and/or altered to fit your theme or tastes.

I can create a new collection for you (a new collection starts from 5 skulls) and your collection can be made of similar pieces (replica of each other) or different pieces which will match according to what you prefer.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me for any question or read the following which might help you to decide on what you'd like to have.

Which skulls for gothic table centerpieces?

Floral deer skull: fully handcrafted, they can perfectly match your wedding theme and colors. I have a variety of flowers type and foliage which I can use to make your pieces. Those floral deer skulls are big and impressive, full of details and ornaments, which can be: chains, studs, crystal, hanging charms, halo crown, etc. They are the most complete skull pieces and give the wedding vibe straight away.
See different example of Floral skulls here.

deer skull with floral crown, red, orange, roses for wedding table centerpiece

deer skull with massive floral crown made of pastel flowers and feathers for gothic wedding table centerpiece
bridal skull for gothic wedding table centerpiece or halloween wedding

Candleholders and lamps:
if you're on a quest for the most unique gothic candleholder or spooky decorative lamp, don't look further! My skull candelabra, made from real skull, holding their candles right from their horns are unique and perfect for such occasion.

If you look for something more spooky, check out my skull lamps! On batteries or USB, they light the skull from inside and can give a stunning look to your decor and wedding pictures. 

See different example of skull candelabra and skull lamps here.

gold gothic candleholder made from real roe deer skull for gothic and alternative wedding or halloween wedding lamp and candleholder

gothic candleholder for gothic wedding, made from real animal skull, halloween wedding
matte black gothic candleholder for gothic wedding and home decor

skull lamp for gothic wedding, from real roe deer skull, works with batteries or USB
Decorated skull sets: if you want to keep the focus on the skulls without having too many ornaments, it's possible to have light decorated pieces, keeping the theme of your wedding in focus with colors and details.

deer skull for gothic wedding table centerpiece
deer skull for gothic wedding, halloween wedding, table centerpiece, pink and white
skull decor for gothic wedding, halloween wedding centerpiece

Gothic wedding guest gifts

Witch wands for wedding guests

Witch wands are made with crystal & stones, mounted on real roe deer antlers. Their size, color and style may vary. They come wrapped and make a wonderful magic surprise gift for your guests, that will remind them of your magical day.

  • Minimum order: 10 pieces
  • Customization possible on demand with specific crystals, stones or color theme
  • Wrapping on demand

witch magic wands from roe deer antlers for gothic wedding guest gift
antler wand with crystal and stones for gothic wedding and guest gifts

Witch boxes for each guest

Witch boxes are perfect to surprise and entertain your guests. Each box contains an assortment of magical or esoteric items. Those may include: crystal, stones, glass bottles filed with incense, herbs or resin, incense cones, candles, stickers, wood stick to burn, natural moss, etc.

  • Minimum order: 10 pieces
  • Different sizes and models available (fabric pouch, wood box, etc.)
  • Customization possible of the content
  • Wrapping optional, customization possible

    magic witch box gift set for gothic wedding guest gift
    magic witch box gift set for gothic wedding guest gift

More about custom orders:

 - Get a fully personalized experience, from conception to realization: I can start working from your idea and theme or initiate a concept from a mood board

- Get 100% handcrafted work by myself: nothing is outsourced, and I'm the maker of everything

- If you need special purchases, materials or supplies, I'm always doing this extra step for you to get exactly what you are looking for. No matter if it's a rare crystal or a delicate fabric: I will find it for you

- I'm always reliable, closely in touch and accommodating

Pick your own skulls: you want huge antlers, or maybe you want your wedding center table skulls to be goat skulls or badger skulls? I can provide you with a variety of skulls and products.

- Your pieces will be unique, fully made for your event, and no one else can claim a replica.

Contact me now for any question, quote or order