About me


I believe that adorning animals' skulls and doing skull art is a way to preserve and enhance their natural beauty, while also providing them with a beautiful afterlife. Each skull is unique in terms of its features, antlers, and shape, which make the process of turning it into an art piece always different. Sometimes I have a complete design in mind, and other times I start with a color or a material I've never used before and go with the flow. 

Each handcrafted piece is made by me, and I am dedicated to creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind skull and bone art. To ensure the highest quality, I solely perform every aspect of the design process from concept to completion and shipping.

The first deer skull I owned and decorated was from a flea market in Ireland, and I decorated it with dry flowers and surrounded it with frames and pictures. I kept it with me while moving country and was the first piece I decorated and sold.


Gothic and alternative home decor 

I lived in different countries and always had the need to create a sacred space in my bedroom, which I loved filling with handcrafted items, candles, incenses, books, and other personal belongings. That's why I decided to create the witch mystery box and witch wand. They're cute and beautiful to look at and full of energy. 

Witchy jewelry and ear weights

I've had my ear stretched for a decade and have always struggled to find chic, pretty, feminine, and high-quality earrings and tunnels.

My interest in jewelry making began at a young age, and it may have been the first craft I attempted after receiving a kit of beads and thread. Creating high-quality, beautiful, and wearable jewelry for stretched ears was a great motivation for me to return to the beauty industry after I finished my dreadlocks career.


My name is Caroline. I'm from France and currently reside in Vienna, Austria. I lived in Ireland for 5 years, where I ran my dreadlocks salon and always loved being self-employed.

Find more about me and how I run my day-to-day shop on my Instagram: @curiosities.vanities