Collection: Candleholders skulls

My skulls candleholders are fully unique and handcrafted on real roe deer skulls. Every single one of those candelabras is made entirely from an animal skull and antlers, and they are all unique. These are perfect gothic candleholders: they will fit gothic home decor, vintage decoration, witch altar, etc. You can use shorten taper candles with them. Some skull candleholders are usable with fire, some should only be used as decorative ornaments as they have flammable elements on them. 

Skull lamps are available with USB or batteries.

Customs orders with colors and styles of your choice are possible for skull candleholders through the contact form.

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All my products are carefully packaged in my studio by myself. I always insure they're well protected and won't be damaged during delivery.

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Don't hesitate to contact me straight away if you have any question or if you want to customize any piece you like :)